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Rolex data only 28MM

Rolex Data only 28MM automatic Lady 18k gold bracelet

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These two Datejust Lady replica watches, perfect for young girls, have a 28mm diameter, a classic little crown logo at 12 o ‘clock, and a date display window at three o ‘clock. The dial is the sunlight effect, reflecting the elegant luster, with a diamond scale, and wear appears very energetic. With a Rolex 2236 movement, the watch has 55 hours of power reserve and is water resistant to 100 meters. The case material is steel and gold, waterproof; the dustproof effect is perfect. The dial type is a champagne color, a very fashionable classic.

Rolex Submariner 11661340mm, 18k gold automatic Man with stainless steel oyster chain 904L brush

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The Rolex Underwater Diver replica watch is gold and has a stainless steel strap for classic durability. 40mm diameter, very suitable for mature men to wear. The look also uses Rolex’s patented Cerachrom ceramic ring with a non-slip pitting edge to improve maneuverability. The coil is made of 904L stainless steel, filled with ceramic, and engraved on the surface, which is covered with a thin layer of platinum. Undeniably, in many diving table brands, only the ring has a lot of patents and unique technology, tiny. Improved water resistance facilitates underwater reading; a fluorescent dot is designed at the 12 o ‘clock position as a reference point, so it is easy to tell the time even while diving. At present, most of the diving table has a design. It has become a unique landmark diving table point.

As we all know, the underwater series is the most representative of Rolex’s many styles. The most striking feature is the hand and time scale, including the outer ring, designed to be readable while submerged. Small blisters on the watch mirror are a signature element of Rolex, which adds interest to this watch. The dial is prominent with black shading and white scale, the hands are the most classic Benz needle (also known as Benz needle), and the time scale is white with a metal ring coated with fluorescent dots, rectangles, and inverted triangles, which is a very standard Rolex practice.

In general: these three gold replica watches can be said to be very rare will be the appearance of the design and practical functionality of the combination, which is very dynamic. These three watches have their characteristics and temperament in line with the unique taste of modern urbanites to watch; if you like to, click the link above to choose and buy! You will provide a 1:1 copy of the standard watch on our website.